DRC (deputy run coordinator) schedule

Preliminary, subject to change!


Oct21 - Oct28 Tingjun Yang

Oct28 - Nov04 Mike Wallbank

Nov04 - Nov11 Alex Himmel

Nov11 - Nov18 Karl Warburton

Nov18 - Nov25 Jonathan Insler

Nov25 - Dec02 Jonathan Insler

Dec02 - Dec09 Nuno Barros

Dec09 - Dec16 Mark Convery

Dec16 - Dec21 Mike Wallbank

Dec21 - Dec23 Michelle Stancari

Dec23 - Dec26 Michelle Stancari

Dec26 - Dec30 Tristan Blackburn


Dec30 - Jan06 Tingjun Yang

Jan06 - Jan09 Karl Warburton

Jan09 - Jan13 Tristan Blackburn

Jan13 - Jan16 Tristan Blackburn

Jan16 - Jan20 Karl Warburton

Jan20 - Jan27 Alex Himmel

Jan27 - Feb03 Mark Convery

Feb03 - Feb10 Mike Wallbank

Feb10 - Feb17 Nuno Barros

Feb17 - Feb24 Nuno Barros

Feb24 - Mar02 Karl Warburton

Mar02 - Mar09 Jonathan Insler

Mar09 - Mar16 Mike Wallbank

Mar16 - Mar23 Alex Himmel

Mar23 - Mar30 Nuno Barros

Mar30 - Apr06 Tingjun Yang

Apr06 - Apr13 Karl Warburton (TBC)

Apr13 - Apr20 Mark Convery (TBC)

Apr20 - Apr28 Karl Warburton (TBC)

General guidelines

  • The shifters have a pager number to contact the DRC, you can carry this pager (preferred) or leave your cell phone number on the white board in ROC west.
  • You must be at Fermilab (DRC shifts cannot be done remotely) and you must be able to reach ROC west and/or PC4
    within 2 hours of being paged. This means that you can go to downtown Chicago for the evening if you have
    independent transportation and can return to Fermilab at any time.
  • If you ask someone to cover a short period, pass the pager to them AND make an e-log entry

Responsibilities and instructions

At least one week before your shift,
  • email all the shifters that will start their block during your time as DRC.
    See the standard email attached as a text file to this page.
    Remind the owl shifters that the shift blocks start at midnight on Sunday and Thursday.
    Remind everyone that they must have an ID badge and a kerberos account.
    Remind everyone that they need to know their kerberos password.
    Remind everyone that if they want office space on 13X while they are here, to ask Marilyn Dixon
    at least 2 working days in advance of their arrival
  • Any first-time shifters need to be trained.
    By far the best solution is that they shadow the previous shifter for at least one shift, even
    for non first timers. Alternate arrangements are at your discretion (they were told to be available
    the day before their shift starts.)
  • Check the list at the end of this wiki page for any special circumstances such as remote shifters
Before your shift starts,
  • check that all shifters during your week are in the .k5login file on the lbnedaq machines and the desktops in ROCwest and the duneana account on the gpvm machines
  • Discuss with Alan the run plan for your shift.
  • Provide written instructions for the shifters (elog or wiki t.b.d)
During your shift
  • Read the e-log frequently
  • Visit ROC west often
  • Attend the 9 am daily meeting, in person at PC4 for the time being
At the end of your shift
  • Prepare a report of the week's happenings for the 10 am weekly meeting on Wednesday morning at the end of your DRC shift. Hand off the pager to the new DRC at this time.

List of remote shifts (owl unless otherwise indicated)

22-25 Feb - Lee Thompson
??? - Jeff Hartnell

March/April owl shifts - many of our UK collaborators have agreed to cover the owl shifts from March 14 - April 4.
With the exception of Matt Robinson, these are all a "reduced" shift. Specifically their instructions are

— log into the lbne35t-gatway01 machine remotely;
— check the state of the DAQ;
— if stopped, start a new run with the same configuration as the previous one;
— do not need to do any debugging
— repeat often (~hourly if possible) from ~8am — 1pm UK time

The assignments are as follows, ignore the people signed up in the e-log shift schedule itself.
Matt Thiesse - Mar 14,16,17,18
Dom Brailsford - March 15
Andy Blake - March 21-27 (also on Microboone owl)
Matt Robinson - March 19,20,28 April 1,2,3,4 - will cover the full 8 hours
Michael Baird - March 29
Vitaly Kudryavtsev - March 30
Jonathan Davies - March 31

Be sure to contact them before their shift with any specific instructions, reiterate that they don't
need to wake anyone up if there are problems, unless you want to be woken up, and say thank you!

Other special arrangements

20 Mar - Tyler Boone (day shift) needs to leave at 12 to catch his flight, need to cover 12-4 (Sunday afternoon)

8-11 Feb, 15-18 Feb, 22-25 Feb - these three blocks of shifts will be shared by Anne Heavey and Jen Raaf in a 1:2 proportion. Here is the split:

8: Anne
9: Jen
10: Jen
11: Jen

15: Anne
16: Jen
17: Jen
18: Jen

22: Anne
23: Anne
24: Jen
25: Jen

20 February (saturday) - Ben Carls is doing Saturday Monring Physics and needs someone to cover from 10:30-12:00.
21 February (sunday) - Ben Carls cannot take this shift, Animesh will take it instead.

29Feb- 3 Mar - Zelimir Djurcic (on day shift) can't arrive until 9 am.

13 Mar - Gleb will take the Sunday evening shift for Jason Stock

20 Mar - Tyler Boone (day shift) needs to leave at 12 to catch his flight, need to cover 12-4 (Sunday afternoon)