DAQ Cabling

Current status of cabling - please update if changed

The excel spreadsheet below lists the cables within each of the rack.
  • For each cable there is both a source and a destination rack e.g. TPC-PD or TRIG-SCINT. These names are labeled at the top of the racks.
  • For each cable within each rack there is a crate which specifies the crate it is in e.g. within a NIM crate.
  • For each cable within each rack there is a slot which specifies which slot within the crate it is in (usually a module code or number) e.g. EHS8220P-F or Module 222.
  • For each cable within each rack there is a channel which specifies where the cable is plugged into the slot e.g. Channel 0.
  • For many cables there is also the cable label which details all of this information in a concise format.

By following this simple convention it should be very simple to identify if a cable has been incorrectly plugged in, and importantly to rectify it!

Unfortunately in NIM crates some channels are not as specific as would be liked e.g. Bottom Left, Second block of out. However it is hoped that upon looking at the relevant slot it should be obvious. In an attempt to reduce any possible confusion there are also images of what the crates looked like when this mapping was done.

Some cables have been omitted here in the interest of not repeating many nearly identical lines, so an explanation of how the cabling works has been shown for these.
  • For Muon Counter cables, if they have two labels use the small label which has a simple scheme (eg. 03-14 where 03 is board number and 14 is channel). If only has a big label use this.
  • Back of each SSP counter, has numerous cables which go from one of the crate slots to the flange board. These are well labelled.
  • Back of SSP counter has a cable coming from SSP (X-1) NoVA out to SSP X NoVa in. For SSP 0, NoVA in is from NOvA TDU Slave. For SSP 7 NoVA out goes to back of Calibration Module - NOvA In, where there is also a yellow ‘holder’ for NOvA out.