Accessing 35 ton data

Once data is is taken it is stored on lbnedaq6 (you have to go through gateway01 / 02 to get there) in /storage/data/

It is then uploaded to SAM via gateway02, whilst being transferred it is passed between the following directories (in /data/lbnedaq/data/) incoming_files -> transferring_files -> transferred_files.

Tom has made a weblink which should update automatically with the file list which has been uploaded to SAM. It is located here; - Each line has a filename, the file size in bytes, the run number, and the number of events.

Another way to find out the name of the ROOT file you want.

samweb list-files "run_number < your desired run number e.g. 6837 > and data_tier < Desired tier, either raw or sliced >" 

Choose the file relevant you want to use, e.g. lbne_r006837_sr01_20160112T213253.root. To find the SAM weblink execute;

samweb -e lbne get-file-access-url lbne_r006837_sr01_20160112T213253.root

You will get the output

To then access the file change gsi to /pnfs/lbne/

For example to run RunDAQToOffline.fcl you would execute;

lar -c RunDAQToOffline.fcl /pnfs/lbne/pnfs/

Alternatively simply run the short shell script found at the bottom of the page in the following way.

source <run number>
This will find, locate and create a link to the data file for that run in the current working directory. The script can also be found at /dune/app/users/abooth.

A nice samweb interface will one day live here;