Remote Operations Centers: ANNIE is taking shifts from ROC West

Added by Harry Ferguson almost 4 years ago


Neutron tagging in Gadolinium-doped water may play a significant role in reducing backgrounds from atmospheric neutrinos in next generation proton-decay searches using Megaton-scale Water Cherenkov detectors. Similar techniques might also be useful in the detection of Supernova neutrinos. Accurate determination of neutron tagging efficiencies will require a detailed understanding of the number of neutrons produced by neutrino interactions in water, as a function of momentum transferred. This is the homepage for the proposed Atmospheric Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment (ANNIE), designed to measure the neutron yield of atmospheric neutrino interactions in gadolinium-doped water. Another significant purpose of this experiment is to provide a test-bed for novel water cherenkov detector R&D. One important component of the ANNIE design is the use of precision timing to localize interaction vertices in the small fiducial volume of the detector. To achieve this, we propose to use early prototypes of LAPPDs (Large Area Picosecond Photodetectors), now in the commercialization phase

Remote Operations Centers: MINERVA

Added by Harry Ferguson almost 4 years ago

The MINERVA experiment will discontinue all OWL shifts.
The "owl shifter" assigned responsibilities will not begin until 06:00 CT, at which point they do various checklists and data-quality checks of the data collected overnight. The scheme will be a "watchdog" process which notifies experts in the case of DAQ issues during the typical Owl shift.

VxWorks Concurrency: Version 2.0 of the VxWorks Concurrency available

Added by Richard Neswold about 4 years ago

This is an exciting, updated API to the VWPP library. Because some of the changes are not backward compatible, the API's major version number has been incremented.

Great strides have been made to keep the API simple, yet enforce correct mutex usage at compile time! The "magic" is accomplished via C++ templates which allows us to check more conditions at compile-time. It also allows more inlining, so the generated code is as efficient as proven-correct C code.

Sound like hype? We encourage you to read the documentation! Never use semGive()/semTake() again!

Fermi Redmine: Database outage 2015-06-18 06:30 CST affecting Redmine

Added by Marc Mengel over 4 years ago

The database server fnalpgsprd will be patched and rebooted.

Thursday, June 18; 6:30 a.m. - 7 a.m.

The following websites, applications and databases will be unavailable within the maintenance window:

�   Computing website at
� ESH&Q website at
� The Fermi Redmine service at
� PPD CAL list website at
� Backup databases for the Geant4 validation web application
� Sparx Enterprise Architecture drawing application
� DES Membership Database
� Electronic Collaboration Logbooks (ECL)
� Education Office websites and applications:
o Summer Internship applications and administration (Summer Interns, Teachers and QuarkNet Research Program)
o Scholarship applications and administration (for Fermilab teacher workshops, field trip buses, and science adventures)
o Online store selling Fermilab logo items
o IMSA Research participants and mentor/projects
o Summer Interns website
o Registration for special activities

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