Aged Password Detector: Aged Password Detector

Added by James Fromm over 9 years ago

The data being presented to the aged password detector is supplying an IP/MACID pair that at some point was valid, but may not be valid at the time reported. The SCCM data can not supply a timestamp, therefore the IP,MAC pair can not be trusted. We have modified the code so that in cases where we receive multiple IP,MAC pairs, we look up based on MACID to verify which IP should be correct.

This is a change in code to fix a deficiency in the SCCM data.

Fermi Redmine: New Module for HTML pages

Added by Marc Mengel over 9 years ago

This allows Managers of projects to add html files to your projects. See HTML_Pages

We've added the PluginEmbedded plugin on the site, and configured it to show the "html" subdirectory of project ssh account home areas. Thus you can upload html files there, (with a suitable "index.html") and if people go to the "HTML" tab of your project, they should see them.

MISER: New MISER Release scheduled for 23 Feb 2010

Added by Lauri Carpenter over 9 years ago

On Tuesday 23 February we plan to upgrade the MISER
purchase request system.

This release includes the new role "Project_Overseer",
a manually-maintained role allowing for an additional
person (besides Project_Manager and/or Task_Manager) to
sign purchase reqs placed against a project.

Additionally, the minimum dollar threshold for signing
purchase requests has been changed so that it varies with
the "hat" being worn. That is, a person who is a
Project_Manager and a Task_Manager (and a group_leader)
may set different minimum dollar thresholds for each role.

Note that purchase requests which have been submitted before
the upgrade will not be aware of the Project_Overseer role.

The changes should be transparent to most users.

For more information, contact .

NIMI: TIssue Release Announcement: 2010-Feb-8

Added by Randy Reitz over 9 years ago

TIssue GUI user interface improvements:
  • Change the 'user front' interface to look like the admin interface, but without access to administrative features.
  • This means that user will have the new search capabilities (called filters) and reduces software maintenance by
  • reusing core display components.
  • Reorganize links on TIssue admin page (#213) in more logical groups (another reuse of core display components)
  • Added timestamp to main page header
  • Reduced default event filter count from 100 to 25 (improve performance)
  • AGED Password Detector

Installation of the aged password detector.

NIMI: TIssue Release Announcement: 2009-Nov-19 (2 comments)

Added by James Fromm almost 10 years ago

There will be a release of TIssue on Thursday 2009-Nov-19.

- administrative searching for events will now work
- tissue admin "home" page will allow searching right on that page
- search results will have "next page", "previous page" links
- AD/Nimrod released to production
- Added block method management/maintenance screens
- Disabling network verification for network management subnet (
- Official support for new KCA certificate added to production TIssue GUI
- A test version of the Inventory Dashboard will be added to production
- Add getEventsByIssue() TIssue method to Inquisitor


- Revert to previous version.


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