Point release 14 Feb 2012

Lots of bug fixes and a few new features.
Added by Lauri Carpenter almost 9 years ago

Release contains:
- tissue_gui v2_3k
- tissue_core v2_3g
- tissue_db_models v2_3h
- ncis_common v2_3h
- ncis_db_models v2_3d
- ncis_gui v2_3g

#2451 - report of macs, first/last seen on network for SNOW "active/inactive" flag
#2479 - email reminders should not go out when event is PENDING
#2476 - reduce load on miscomp by caching system_name, ancestry, etc., per instance
#2474 - gui showExemption/exID/ not displaying if exemption has already expired
#2469 - add "My Events" link (and open door for undocumented gui access via URL parameters)
#2468 - showEvents filter for system_identifier=cluster_name not finding all events for that cluster
#2467 - exemption filter for icode fails when it belongs to more than one detector
#2465 - new graphs for dashboard (recent activity by system, repeat offenders by system)
#2221 - tests fixed for Frodo
#2122 - wism-i disabled as part of automation now
#2111 - makefile repairs
#2222 - more makefile repairs