Tissue v2.3 release on Nov. 3, 2011

Miscellanous bug fixes and feature enhancements.
Added by Randy Reitz over 9 years ago

#1920 - make 0 mean 0 in time configurations (do not require units)
#1933 - Top level makefile can not find included makefile until a sib-directory is sourced.
#1946 - Multiple block requests for same event
#1973 - DATABASE types need to move from NcisDataTypes
#1984 - Timeout date should MOVE as event is re-opened
#1995 - scheduling/re-scheduling of events has bug
#1998 - email should not be scheduled when closed event is not re-opened
#2001 - Spelling error in
#2008 - 3 bugs in one, all related to excess comma when email_also_cc is set
#2011 - Duplicate MAC addresses in block/unblock requests.
#2012 - Block not scheduled after remediation revoked.
#2020 - Resolve robot interference.
#2023 - TEST_DIR is supposed to be TEST_DIRS in ncis_mibs, ncis_db_models, tissue_exemption_reader and tissue_db_models
#2024 - $(NCIS_COMMON_DIR)/make_utils/Makefile.test needs to handle muti-directory level prerequisites.
#2031 - bug in issue config page (tissue_gui component
#2079 - add ability to filter events on repeat offender status
#2085 - annoying AjaxManager popup alert when moving to a new page while ajax javascript running in the background