Tissue V2.2 Release on Oct 6, 2011

A collection of bug fixes.
Added by Randy Reitz over 9 years ago

The following issues are addressed in release v2.2:
#1867 - makefile improvements (also extends to FBI v2.2)
#1876 - fix system link to display registered data
#1877 - add an unregistered system type
#1882 - add a block-at-time feature for the email template
#1883 - fix create remediation error
#1894 - in display event page, add a link to system registration page for MIS and GM systems.
#1900 - configure detector will save user input on error
#1906 - make API return pure json
#1908 - an inconsistent block error does not put event into error state
#1909 - fail to resolve reported IP address to correct MAC address
#1929 - restricted pages are viewable by unauthorized users
#1930 - detector admins cannot see configure remediation link
#1934 - add time stamp to repeat detection/offense action in event log
#1944 - robot fails when job not found in EventSchedules table
#1948 - Tissue ignoring False return from fbi_abi.block/unblock methods