ftl_util_py - Reads data from eBS

CD Effort data are pulled from the eBS view apps_applmgr.pac_kronos_effort_report_v@EBSDB
Added by Penelope Constanta about 9 years ago

Current version (v1_27) of software reads once a week CD effort data from the eBS database view

The view contains data for reported Paid Time Off - PTO (vacation, sick etc.) in contrast to the Kronos Effort export files that contain only time worked data. The PTO adjusted effort field is calculated as described in:
Effort Reporting Data Flow Process

The software runs on the appora server. A brief description of how to run the software is given in:
How to run the kronos export script

The CVS repository module for ftl_util_py is at: infra/tap/ftl_util_py