BudgetInput - CRQ 1156

To resolve incidents INC000000063389 and INC000000063710 and Short Activity Name QA test
Added by Penelope Constanta over 9 years ago

To resolve incident INC000000063389:
"Kronos doesn't allow some special characters for the short activity names. The short activity names in Budget Input need to compensate for this. Please change all '&' to 'and', and replace all '-' with a blank space."
the BudgetInput application needs to be modified so that it will allow the characters '&' and '-' in the activity names but it will replace them appropriately when the Kronos short name is created and when the new/modified activities is created.

Also, this will be a good time to fix the short name QA testing PL/SQL cron job that run everynight as it currently gives incorrect errors due to the different way of using the FTL_Short_Name field in the tables.

To resolve INC000000993061: in the add/modify projects pages projects' list is limited to projects that the field SortOrder <>0. Ned to remove this limitation and allow all projects to be listed so that they can be updated.