BudgetInput - CRQ 767

Release Notes for v11_1
Added by Penelope Constanta almost 10 years ago


v10_0: FY10 initial Release

v11_0: FY11 initial Release

v11_1: Kronos support release
  • Fixes History output to contain correct information.
  • Fixes all record insertions/updates to Oracle tables to use sysdate for timestamp instead of formatting the current date as it comes from asp function Now().
  • Support for creating a short activity name for Kronos:
    • pages modified: NewActivity - support for Kronos ID
  • Support for creating an excel spreadsheet of new/modified activities suitable for the Kronos Activities import file. Pages modified:
    • BudgetMenu - menu entry
    • FTL_Create_Imports
  • Support for updating the ALL_MAPPINGS and KRONOS_CDACTID_LOOKUP with data from Kronos. Pages modified:
    • BudgetMenu - menu entry
    • FTL_UploadActivities
    • FTL_UploadComplete
  • Removed view ALL_MAPPINGS in Oracle Effort schema and added it as a table
  • Internal page: FTL_UpdateTables updates the FTL Short Name to match the Kronos one (after the first upload of the Kronos Activities):
    • Access BudgetInput Table: Activities
    • Oracle Tap Schema Table: Activities