Meeting Summary for 02/23/2021

Added by Josh Juneau about 2 months ago


  • PEMP Initiative from Computing
  • OIG Systems Information

Software and Systems-Related Initiatives:

Michael Wallace:

  • Extracting building information and developing FIRUS layer
  • Printing large utility map (gathering info)

Cedric Madison:

  • Power meter project
  • MUI...not yet released to masses
  • Summer shutdown is planning

Emily Knippel:

  • Working on Ecology data
  • Updating Collector Map Services
  • ESH: Damage Assessment Form
  • ESRI Field Maps
  • Issues found with editable map services
  • Utilities
  • Floor Plans

Albert Eiffes:

  • FESS Webpage contacts updating

Bridgett Pygott:

  • Utility Data (Domestic Water System)
  • Moving abandoned to their own layer
  • Valve numbers
  • Making repairs

Pat Marsh:

  • New employee orientation for FAMIS training and mobile app

Kevin Coppert:

  • FIMS RPV Work
  • Splitting some OSFs
  • Property Inventory Open
  • Work on the approval issue

Sabina Bellino:

  • VFA Data Upload Information
  • Metrics reporting

Josh Juneau:

  • IS-PMT Project Ranking Team
  • Certificates (AppTree, FAMIS, GIS)
  • Vulnerability for FESS-OWLD, FESS-OWLP
  • SSP Phase 5 (Storage Justifications)
  • Engineering Task Record (Kronos)
  • FID CFM Updates, bug repairs
  • GIS Viewer
  • Oracle Database 19c, upgrade tasks