Meeting Summary for 01/12/2021

Added by Josh Juneau 3 months ago

Bridgett Pygott:

  • Floor Plans
  • Utility QA

Cedric Madison:

  • Interest in floor plans for Metasys
  • Intern working on MUI and SCADA
  • New hires working with Metasys
  • Will be looking into using Metasys API

Michael Wallace:

  • GIS Viewer needs help documentation

Emily Knippel:

  • Floor Plan Work
  • Services going down on Thursday 1/14 from 6 - 7:30am for maintenance
  • Engineering Work
  • Field Maps will be ESRI Collector Replacement...More to come

Kevin Coppert:

  • Preparing for Property Inventory
    - Possible 1 larger inventory this year
  • SSP Moving towards electronic storage justification
  • Real Property
    - RPV Work
    - OSFs being broken apart into conventional and programmatic
    - RPV Increase will affect lab's MII

Sabina Bellino:

  • Waiting for VFA data from AECOM
  • Extract file requisition
  • Metrics reports work
  • CFM Changes on Hold Until April

Josh Juneau:

  • eJulie Enhancement Now Live
  • FID - CFM Enhancements and Bug Repairs
  • SSP - Enhancements/Bug Repairs
  • RWP Application Enhancements
  • ETR Update:
    - Scheduled for Thursday Deployment
    - Hourly Charges Sync
  • Oracle - 19c upgrade
  • FileMaker Pro Licensing Renewal
  • PEMP IT 5 Year Strategic Roadmap