Meeting Summary for 11/03/2020

Added by Josh Juneau 6 months ago

Emily Knippel:
  • Ecology dataset synching
  • ArcGIS Online editing to DEV
  • Utilities dataset not synching removed records
  • Floor layouts from CAD to GIS
  • Engineering Requests
Michael Wallace:
  • Working with Utility map layer updates
  • Making fault layer updates when there are breaks and leaks
Kevin Coppert:
  • Operating costs for laboratory
  • Annual Actual Maintenance
  • CD Testing for SSP
  • Planning for SSP Phase 5
    - Possible Storage Justifications
Pat Marsh:
  • Equipment coming in
  • Lots of invoicing
  • Training
  • Bargaining Unit Reporting
  • Budget and Legal reporting
Sabina Bellino:
  • Working with AECom to get data files imported into VFA
  • Ironing out replacement costs issues
  • Metrics Reporting
  • Data Extract with VFA
  • EOL reporting CFM
Bridgett Pygott:
  • Working on QA of geometry
    - Hydrants attached, etc.
  • Utility networking training
Josh Juneau:
  • GIS:
    - JavaScript FessViewer (Flash Deprecation)
    - Location Data
  • ETR: Status and Hours integration
  • eJulie Enhancement
  • Workspace Planning