Meeting Summary for 10/06/2020

Added by Josh Juneau 4 months ago

Pat Marsh:

  • Accruent conference

Bridgett Pygott:

  • Working with Engineering, Emily, GIS to integrate with GIS...attempting to have live data
  • Exports of GIS data in DUSAF coords

Josh Kenney:

  • Overseeing projects

Michael Wallace:

  • ArcGIS Online Gas Network map

Kevin Coppert:

  • Major Property Pass release for SSP complete
  • Inventory opened and completed in 3 weeks
  • Beginning new inventories in the next few weeks moving forward

Josh Juneau:

  • GIS:
    - JavaScript FessViewer (Flash Deprecation)
  • Engineering Task Review
  • Reworking Task Approval Process
  • Adding status and hour management
  • Accommodations Enhancements (reporting)
  • FID: Area Facility Manager adjustments
  • ESH Radiological Work Permit maintenance
  • SSP: Troubleshooting issues
  • FAMIS: Signed JARS on Thursday AM

Sabina Bellino:

  • ACOM Data Files
  • Annual Facilities Report

Emily Knippel:

  • ESH and Security - Survey 123
  • Floor Plans
  • Fire Department Hydrant Maps - Collector app