Meeting Summary for 08/11/2020

Added by Josh Juneau 5 months ago

Josh Juneau:

  • SSP Phase 4 work
  • Oracle Patching Complete
  • GIS:
    - Working on Repairing DEV/STG
  • FessViewer (Flash Deprecation)
  • Accommodations
  • Env Review working on issues

Cedric Madison:

  • Working on adding power meters to facilities with the largest footprint
  • Kerry adding gas meters

Sabina Bellino:

  • VFA Data Import from AECom
  • Village Housing Assessment Form

Kevin Coppert:

  • Village Assessment - No condition assessments (Dave and Jack Hawkins will do a deeper assessment)
  • Untagged assets issues
  • Releasing testing tasks for SSP Phase 4
  • Stockroom changes
  • FESS Metrics
  • FIMS Validation - Passed

Bridgett Pygott:

  • Catching up with FESS information, research on survey equipment

Michael Wallace:

  • Working with JP to track success of toughbooks
  • Submitted for Leica GeoOffice

Emily Knippel:

  • Working on replication
    - Turned on editor tracking and versioning
    - Putting together workflow for synchronizing data
    - Put in ticket with ESRI in regards to the issues in DEV/STG
  • Going through folders to determine where data is located for some of the map services