Meeting Summary for 06/30/2020

Added by Josh Juneau 5 months ago

Josh Juneau:

  • SSP Phase 4 Work
  • GIS:
    - FESS Viewer work (JavaScript)
  • Engineering Task Review enhancements and next phase
  • Workspace Planning App[
  • Environmental Review Update

Sabina Bellino:

  • VFA Data Import for AE Com

Kevin Coppert:

  • SSP Documentation and Manuals
  • Data Cleanup in Sunflower

Bridgett Pygott:

  • Fault layer collaboration needed
  • Working on Utility data with ArcGIS and ESRI
  • ArcGISPro Installation
  • Provided fault information for presentation - used eJulie
  • Providing data as it comes in and determining best way to update utilities

Michael Wallace:

  • Toughbooks - Windows 10 Inframap

Albert Eiffes:

  • Obtaining access for Katie
  • Engineering Processes
  • Landing Page for Commuter Resources

Josh Kenney:

  • Major Utility projects
    - New one starting early Sept (Central Utility Corridor Project)
    - LBNF Near
    - PIP-II
    - UIP Project: Specific to CUB
    - GPP, T&M Projects
  • We should reach out to Kara and determine if the Leica has the same capability as Trimble

Emily Knippel:

  • GIS Computer was down for a while
  • Data replication
    - Utilities
    - Electrical
  • Ecology to be added into replication
  • Best way to update utilities...working on standardization
  • Floor plan data
  • ArcGIS Indoors and CMMS Reviews
  • Steve ordered Trimble R2 for data collection
  • Moving map documents to FESS Shared drive