Meeting Summary for 4/21/2020

Added by Josh Juneau 9 months ago

Software Discussion: XMind will be the new standard mind-mapping software for FESS. Currently FESS has 3 license keys.

Cedric Madison:

  • JC meetings going well…2 times per week.
    - Mobile app will allow iPad access
    - Provider making lots of improvements
  • Some individuals not receiving email after MFA changes
  • Site metering…replacing old power meters

Kevin Coppert:

  • Reports for Jack
  • MFA email issues
  • LPC Replacement PCs
  • SSP Property Passes
  • FID Validation Began

Pat Marsh:

  • General desktop and VPN support
  • FAMIS Mobile and Web app
    - Web app - must use Chrome

Bridgett Pygott:

  • Working with Utility data...attempting to publish map services

Albert Eiffes:

  • Troubleshooting, etc.

Steve Whiteaker:

  • GIS Offer letter extended...will start tentatively 5/11

Josh Juneau:

  • COVID-19 Survey
  • SSP Property Passes, Untagged Assets
  • Environmental Review Enhancements
  • GIS
  • Accommodations
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