Meeting Summary 08/08/2019

Added by Josh Juneau 2 months ago

Attendees: Sabina Bellino, Kevin Coppert, Josh Juneau, Josh Kenney, Karen Kosky

This week we were happy to have Josh Kenney representing the FESS Engineering department. We had a great discussion regarding FESS Engineering software, processes, and future directions. The Engineering group is currently investigating the use of Service Now for intake of Fermilab project requests, and they may be seeking the use of another project management software as well. There was also discussion around the idea of possibly seeking out an estimating software at some point in the future for the Engineering department, and having an online version of the ICE form rather than using spreadsheets. I will reach out to Michele McCusker from AD to find out if there have been any plans for an online ICE form and communicate back to the group.

Karen attended and we reviewed the Software/Request form with her. She likes it and would be happy to disseminate the information to FESS. I will work with the group to write up a short article around the group’s charge and introduce the Software/Request form. Karen plans to use that article to send the information to other department heads in FESS. We also had discussed the overall role of the group, and determined that we should not be policing software purchases or initiatives, but rather, we should be helping to make recommendations and suggestions for new software or solution intentions so that we can help guide towards better integration and less replication of functionality. Lastly, Karen would like for us to discuss and put together a short article to help others at the lab learn about how they can make use of our FESS online systems. This article may include information regarding submitting work order tickets online, searching for open tickets or active equipment, seeking out information from GIS, and so forth. We should discuss this topic in our next meeting.

Rather than having a separate meeting with FESS management and the entire FIT group, we should probably have at least one FIT group member attend the 8:30 management meeting once a month…possibly even more often. Let’s discuss this in an email or at the next meeting so that we can continue to work on informing management of the FIT group initiatives.

Other important information:

- This morning the T&M and FESS Motorpool applications were upgraded to Oracle 12 and Payara 5. Updated URLs will be posted to the website.
- The intention is to have all new T&M Requisitions go through the online requisition system in the near future.
- I would like to change the day and time of the FIT meeting to something that everyone else finds more useful…even the location of the meeting. I’ll put together an email that we can use to help determine the best day/time/location.