Meeting Summary 04/18/2019

Added by Josh Juneau 6 months ago

This was the first meeting where we went around the table to discuss what was happening in our areas of Fermi. Once we made it around the room, it became apparent that we need to keep focused on “Integration” topics, as our summaries took about 90% of the meeting time. This is a very good practice and I think we need to continue doing it each meeting so that we can all keep aware of what is occurring throughout the section. I’ll do my best to shorten my list to only those items that are integration related so that we can make it around the room and still have time for other meeting agenda items!

I provided an update on the eLog request, as it is still in the hands of AD at this time. I have been in contact with the developer and he is requesting from the AD Operations Management team that FESS is provided a separate log. I will keep this group, and the FM Group, posted with the latest details.

The Software/Solution request form is now in production. We haven’t yet publicized it, and I’ll discuss with management and keep the group updated. It is certainly apparent that we need to have fully documented requests so that we know the exact intentions of the requestor and the purpose of the requested solution. I don’t think we can capture everything with this form. For instance, Larry’s follow-up email on the eLog request provided a great deal of insight into the process. I do not believe an online form will help us to capture that detail. So with that said, I think we all have agreed that the form is a good starting point.

I briefly mentioned the “Predictive Solutions” software, as this will likely be coming to FIT for review in a future meeting. Stay tuned for more information and details on this software.

Lastly, I will follow up with management on bringing someone from FESS Engineering into the group. I think we need to have a representative from that department to keep us informed and to help collaborate on integration tactics.