Meeting Summary - 04/04/2019

Added by Josh Juneau 6 months ago

Thanks for meeting today. This week we briefly reviewed the overall intentions of the group, reviewed an incoming Software and Solution Request, and Cedric provided us with a great presentation on the Metasys system.

Beginning with the next meeting, we will start to go around the table so that each of us can share any current initiatives that may be worth mentioning so that the group can better collaborate on solutions for the section. This is something that we haven’t really done as part of this meeting yet, and I think we are at a point where it makes sense to start.

We reviewed Larry Sliwa’s request for an ELog system. The ELog initiative is to create a solution similar to the AD electronic log ( that will allow a few operators to log in and post details regarding tasks, photos, and other information to keep everyone current on operations 24/7. There are a few pieces of software that FESS already has in-place or has the ability to use, which may be suitable for this request:

  • FAMIS and AppTree Mobile Priority 0 Work Orders
  • Survey 123
  • Look into possibly extending the AD solution to provide FESS with a separate log

After reviewing, the Facilities Integration Team collaboratively agrees that the AppTree mobile application paired with a Priority 0 work order ticket may be the solution. When a priority 0 ticket is created (using the app or the FAMIS desktop solution), it can be displayed on the web immediately using the “Zero Priority WO Search” ( We will have to add the ability to view attached pictures/documents inline without clicking on the work order, but this solution should work with minimal effort. I am planning to respond to Larry to let him know that this is the recommended approach from the team. I’ll wait until next week to respond to Larry with the recommendation so that everyone in this group has time to respond, if necessary. I will copy in the response.

Finally, Cedric provided an overview of the Metasys system. I want to thank Cedric for taking the time to do so, as it was very informative.