Meeting Summary - 03/21/2019

Added by Josh Juneau 7 months ago

Thanks for attending the meeting yesterday. We reviewed the charter once again, and took a look at some slight modifications that have been made with respect to the intent of the group. Essentially we added one of our main purposes, as follows:

“Collaboratively focus on facilities data initiatives, seeking integration improvement opportunities”

I had the opportunity to meet with Joe, Karen, and Mark yesterday after the meeting and we discussed the charter. It was well received.

We also continued our review of the FESS Software and Applications, looking more into the FID and CAIS systems. I thought that the CAIS review was especially useful, thanks to Steve for demonstrating parts of that system. Next time we will continue these system reviews.

Lastly, I added an additional field to the “Software\Solution Request Form” entitled, “Current Procedure”. I have placed the form into the development environment and it can be viewed at the following link: