Meeting Summary - 03/07/2019

Added by Josh Juneau 7 months ago

Thanks for meeting yesterday folks. We went over the following during the meeting:

- Reviewed the updated project charter. There seems to be concern about the overall goal of integration with other laboratory systems. Although the FIT team can only recommend software solutions for FESS, there may be a gap when other divisions/sections utilize software that makes use of FESS data. Please review and send revised copies of the updated project charter to me. You can find the updated project charter at the following link:

Project Charter (In Progress):

- We began the FESS Internal systems review, beginning with FID. I began to walk the group through the application and highlighted integration features, specifically. I will continue the FID review at an upcoming meeting, and also work through the reviews of all systems I manage/maintain. Once I complete the review of my systems, we will work through the systems that others in the group manage. The overall goal being that members of the team have a basic understanding of all FESS systems so that we can better review any new software or solution requests.