Meeting Summary - 02/21/2019

Added by Josh Juneau 8 months ago

Thanks everyone for attending the meeting yesterday. I am sorry that we had some technical difficulties in the new meeting room and it took some time away from the meeting time.

I believe that we had some great eye openers in yesterday’s meeting after we saw the initial software request and the “Software/Solution Request” form in action. We need to build out the form just a bit, specifically requesting that the requirements be listed. We also perhaps need to drop the question about cloud/desktop…or revise it to a radio button selection. We also need include the ability to upload attachments that can be used for reference. Please send feedback to this group with respect to what else we should be adding to the form.

Use the forms below to access the software/solution request form and listing. After you log in, you need to click on the “Main Menu” option, then find the corresponding “Software or Solution Request” links on the main screen because I’ve made each of you administrators so you can review requests. The average requestor should be taken directly to the form.

Form URL:

Review Existing Requests:

The specific request that came in also brought into question some of our Facilities Integration Team responsibilities. To what extent do we “review” the requests? Do we really need to review enhancement requests, or requests for solutions that are targeted at specific systems such as FAMIS, GIS, or existing web applications? I do not believe that the intent of the FIT group is to debate on the best in house solution if multiple solutions already exist, but rather, we need to determine if we already have something in-house that can accommodate the request or if software needs to be purchased. If we have several solutions in-house that would work, then maybe we should recommend to the requestor each of these solutions so that they can choose which would suit their needs best. What are your thoughts? We need to determine our responsibility and spell this out more in our charter, and hope to do so before our next meeting. Please send any feedback on the charter to this group as well.

Charter (In-Progress) URL:

In summary, we began to review the initial “Software/Solution Request” form, as well as the initial solution request in our meeting yesterday. There was a lot of discussion as to the intention of the request, and also to the responsibilities of this group. I have invited Joe Pygott to the next meeting to discuss his solution request in more detail.

Thanks for your time, and let me know if you have any questions. Please do feel free to reply to the group and continue the conversation.

-- Follow Up --

Indeed we need to continue to build out our FESS Software Portfolio, as it is difficult to perform any software review before we know about all systems and application that are currently in-place. Please do update the portfolio if things seem to be missing…and I think if we each provide a brief presentation/overview of the systems under our purview then it will help everyone in the group to better understand the entire portfolio.

There are areas on the REDMINE wiki for data flow diagrams. I have also added another for Visio diagrams, etc. to help explain or storyboard software and/or processes where it makes sense. Dawn, thanks for offering to do a diagram of the software and solution request process…it will be beneficial to have in the end once we formalize the process. If anyone would like to add diagrams for other processes then please do so by adding them to the wiki using the following location:

Please feel free to add links or references, as needed, to help make the wiki more useful for our group and for FESS as a whole.