Meeting Summary 1/24/2019

Added by Josh Juneau 6 months ago

We had some good discussions regarding the FESS Software/Systems Portfolio (In-Progress), software and systems review process, and location data standards.

Please continue to fill out the REDMINE wiki containing the FESS Software/Systems Portfolio, as time allows. This is an important step towards our ability to accurately review any future software or systems requests. I appreciate everyone taking the time to list any software that FESS is using which is not yet identified on the wiki page.

Software\Systems Portfolio:

We discussed some of the questions that need to be present on the software/systems request form. We are outlining each of the required questions as a first step towards choosing the best system to use for capturing these requests. We captured the questions and required features of the request form on the wiki, so please review and bring any additional suggestions to the next meeting, which is scheduled for 2/7/2019.

Request Form Questions and Requirements:

We began discussing the migration of the laboratory systems to utilization of the new location data standards. In this meeting, Dawn presented a brief overview of the location data, why it is important, and how it will impact some of the other FESS (and laboratory wide) systems. It is important that not only new systems implement the location standards, but existing systems also contain the same standard data. As a first step, we are planning to take a development version of FAMIS and update the locations to utilize the new standards, since FAMIS is one of the systems that will be impacted the most and it is utilized lab-wide by other divisions/sections. The next system to be converted will likely be Sunflower.

Lastly, we should finalize the project charter soon, so if you have any suggestions for changes or additions to the charter then please let the group know.