Meeting Summary - 1/10/2019

Added by Josh Juneau 7 months ago

Thanks for attending the first Facilities Integration Team meeting yesterday. We had some great discussions regarding the overall goals for this team, as well as good ideas on how to proceed with reviewing new requests. I’ve attached the IN PROGRESS project charter for your review. Please remember that we wish to keep the project charter high level at this time, and not very long. The overall goal for the team is to develop and implement a process for reviewing software, specialized hardware, and database enhancement requests (I’ll refer to everything together as “technical solutions”) for FESS. Please review the attached charter again and let the group know if you have any comments.

We also discussed adding a few new members to the group: Josh Kenney (Engineering), Jason Countryman (FM), Brian Petersohn (FM). Please let me know if you have any objections to adding any of these individuals to the group. If we add these three, we will have representatives from each part of FESS, so I believe that the team will be able to do an even better job of performing successful technical solution reviews.

We discussed some different options for generating a form that would allow FESS employees to submit technical solution reviews. The following options were discussed:

- Service Now (seems to be the least suitable for our requirement)
- Engineering Comment and Compliance
- Survey 1 2 3
- Online FAMIS Work Order Submission Form

I believe Dawn is going to put together a demo of Survey 1,2,3 for us…so thanks to Dawn for doing that. We can review and select one of these options at the next meeting.

Lastly, we discussed the need to put together a portfolio of FESS Software/Applications/Database Solutions. I believe that everyone agreed to move forward with using REDMINE for this purpose (at least for now), so I created a REDMINE repository and Wiki page to capture the FESS Portfolio. Please use your SERVICES username/password for access.