Tissue <-> ServiceNow integration v7 (May 23, 2018).

Tissue can now use ServiceNow to notify customers that a Tissue event has been created. See CHG000000010952:
Added by Randy Reitz over 1 year ago

A brief summary of the new features:
1) New - Communication Type - E-Mail (default) or ServiceNow

a) Required for Detector Configuration
b) Optional for Issue Configuration – Inherits from Detector if not set.

2) Tissue remediation approvals still honored.

If remediation is revoked after ServiceNow's three day delay to close a
resolved incident, a new incident will be opened.

3) Closing a ServiceNow Tissue event will not resolve the incident, but will add Work Notes saying the event was remediated.
4) Incident is assigned to the Support Group of the Configuration Item (CI).

If the CI does not have a support group, the Incident is assigned to the Service Desk.

5) The Email Template text is put into the incident Short Description and Description.

Additional information about the CI is added as Work Notes.
The Tissue Email Template recipient list is used to populate the ServiceNow Incident watch list.


Added by Randy Reitz over 1 year ago

As of June 13, 2018, the software versions installed are as follows:

tissue_db                v7_0a
tissue_core             v7_1c
tissue_gui               v7_0d
tissue_db_models  v7_1
tissue_common     v7_0a
tissue_query           v7_0
tissue_security       v7_0