1.2 Second Ramp studies

It is desired that the MI be able to ramp at a 1.2 second rate. This is a challenge for MECAR.
Added by Kevin Martin over 3 years ago

When the first 1.2s $2A ramp was tried, MECAR ramped to around 4000A and then tripped off with a No Current Halt. We determined that the PS were not ramping up as they should have.

I remembered that some of the Real Time Events in MECAR have negative time offsets. Upon checking I realized that the Bend Bus Anticipation Event Offset was set to -50mSec. Because the initial DC section of the ramp has been shortened from 80mSec to 42mSec this means the this event doesn't even occur. This is bad.

As a test I shortened the Bend Bus Anticipation Event Offset to -40mSec. This seems to be working.

The quad bus's Anticipation Event Offset had a similar but opposite problem. The Quad Bus Anticipation Event Offsets were set to 69mSec. Because the PS are ramping earlier this was causing the Quad Bus Tier 0 to not turn on in time. I have set the Horz and Vert Anticipation Event Offsets to 10mSec. This seems to be working.