NIMI release announcement: Feb 28, 2012

Remove NIMI dependency on system
Added by Randy Reitz over 8 years ago

Currently, some NIMI collectors depend on
This release will remove this dependency:
  1. Move the InfoBlox DHCP syslogs from snmpbridge to nimisrv and nimisrva.
    This requires a change in and changes to /etc/syslog.conf
    on both nimisrv and nimisrva.
  2. Move the script from snmpbridge to nimisrv and nimisrva.
    This script parses the InfoBlox DHCP syslogs for DHCP events and Temporary
    Registration events.
  3. Remove the Cisco ACS 3000 VPN logs from snmpbridge. The
    script will be changed to send these logs to the Computer Security Team.
  4. Other changes required to automatically start the DHCP and Temporary
    Registration collectors on boot.