Bug #23401

Updated by Christopher Green 9 months ago

<pre>cet::exception cet::exception caught in art
---- OtherArt BEGIN
---- EventProcessorFailure BEGIN
EventProcessor: an exception occurred during current event processing
---- EventProcessorFailure BEGIN
EndPathExecutor: an exception occurred during current event processing
---- ScheduleExecutionFailure BEGIN
Path: ProcessingStopped.
---- FatalRootError BEGIN
Fatal Root Error: @SUB=TStreamerInfo::BuildOld
Cannot convert recob::Trajectory::fPositions from type: vector<ROOT::Math::PositionVector3D<ROOT::Math::Cartesian3D<double>,ROOT::Math::DefaultCoordinateSystemTag> > to type: vector<ROOT::Math::PositionVector3D<ROOT::Math::Cartesian3D<Double32_t>,ROOT::Math::GlobalCoordinateSystemTag> >, skip element
cet::exception going through module trackAna/trackAna run: 20000031 subRun: 1 event: 1
---- FatalRootError END
Exception going through path end_path
---- ScheduleExecutionFailure END
---- EventProcessorFailure END
---- EventProcessorFailure END
---- OtherArt END
Art has completed and will exit with status 1.</pre> 1.