Support #23344

Updated by Richard Neswold over 1 year ago

Probably since the Erlang erlang DPMs were shut down, ACNET acnet returns @[1 -42]@ 1 -42 (ACNET_NODE_DOWN) errors for devices from the aliased acnet nodes for @CLX58@. clx58.
There are several (@CMLRFA@, @CMLRFB@, @CMLRFC@, @CMLRFD@, (CMLRFA,B,C,D, and @STCLRF@) STCLRF) nodes which are aliased to @CLX58@ (@CLX58E@?). clx58 (clx58e?).
What had previously worked was for the Erlang front-end erlang frontend to just run as the default node @CLX58@, clx58, not the normal @CLX58E@. clx58e. That let things work.
Now, we get 1 -42 errors both from the aliased node devices (e.g. T:1LQID, T:SQSYID)
and from devices which are on @CLX58E@ clx58e itself (e.g. U:GRWD8A, T:CDLPCC).

When we run the Erlang front-end erlang fronend as default node @CLX58E@, clx58E, the devices assigned to it (U:GRWD8a) work, but the others (aliases) still don't (@[1 -42]@ (1, -42 errors).

Rich suggests that having Charlie restart the consolidating java node will clear this. But that seems like a non-ideal temporary solution.