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Ticket to collect the projects and milestones Summer Interns will work on in 2019
Projects submitted:
1. Build a new website for GlideinWMS
2. Reliable, flexible and secure logging system for distributed workflows
3. Improve GlideinWMS monitoring and troubleshooting
4. Testing framework for distributed resources and GlideinWMS

Summer Interns working on GlideinWMS in 2019:
- Tomas Hein, 6/10 to early August
- Javier Rodriguez, 6/17 to 8/2
- Kiana Mohammadian, 6/17 to 7/26
- Leonardo Lai, 7/29 to 9/27

- exchange contact information
- desk
- introductory presentation (GWMS, HTCondor, distributed computing)
- links about (service now, timecard, redmine, glideinwms, condor, osg docs, python resources, ... )
- security presentation (by Jeny)
- Fermicloud hands-on

All students will require:
- FNAL ID, Fermilab Kerberos and services accounts
- Laptop w/ account (FNAL ID) and property pass (requires services)
- Fermicloud access (service now ticket, requires services)
- Redmine access (requires services) as GWMS developers
- x509 certificate

- Be added to the glideinWMS mailing list (developers list:
- Add them to the SLAC fnal/glideinwms channel
- Attend weekly GWMS meetings

Some resources:
- Undergraduate Lectures:
- Neutrino University: (and past: )