Task #22406

Updated by Dawn Mcwha about 2 years ago


Establish Criteria for input into FIT Evaluation for Software Solutions which will allow the team to have a framework to start with of firm criteria all solutions must work within in the Fermilab environment.

This his is your typical software selection approach criteria; specific to Fermilab's Fermilabs Enterprise architecture requirements that must be met.


Solution must/must have
Directly and actively integrate with Location Data (eg. FIMS numbers, Floors, Campuses) for read purposes
Directly and actively integrate with Fermilab Infrastructure Database elements
Directly and actively integrate with CMMS Equipment identifiers
Ability to geolocate location of point of interest where solution is being utilized
Ability to attach photos, images, files or audios to the geopoint location of the point of interest where the solution is being utilized.
Ability to track or allow for input, the credentials of user of solution
Ability to track time/date of when solution record has been started and ended.
Ability to send direct notifications to defined personnel for action
Ability to use consistent values for inputs from lists, selections.
Ability to function and be accessed on a desktop or mobile device.
Ability to function and be accessed while connected or disconnected from Fermilab network with sync capabilities when Fermilab network capabilities are re-established.
Ability to function and be accessed with latest versions of all web browsers
Ability to function and be accessed with latest operating system of device being used to use solution and not be limited by older / perhaps deprecated operating systems.
Ability for inputs to be summarized and visualized in real-time as the inputs using the solution are collected to establish situational awareness for management to review and make decisions.