Bug #14346

Updated by Richard Neswold over 1 year ago

Sometimes, when all a console's acnet infrastructure is restarted, the @lookup:get_epics_map(Nodename)@ lookup:get_epics_map(Nodename) fails when it should return a list of @#lookup_epicsentry_struct@s. #lookup_epicsentry_struct's. "Fails" here means it returns an empty list, I'm pretty sure. Most recently seen on @CLX42@ clx42 when restarted 11/1/16 at 1:14. Jim S. says @CLX42@ clx42 was fully restarted because there was a new version of *@acnetd@*. acnetd. I have seen this before in similar circumstances. It seems like there is some sort of race condition, that something in the environment is not yet fully initialized (maybe *@acnetd@* acnetd doesn't have its node tables yet?). The lookup request would have been issued at 1:14:19 on 11/1.