Support #19359

Updated by Gianluca Petrillo over 2 years ago

The SBND collaboration needs a LArSoft release to start the production of samples required for the coming SBN workshop.
We have some alleged improvements on the optical simulation, that go into @larsim@ and @larana@, but they are _not_ detector/experiment independent.
Therefore we request a special release which must not be merged back into @develop@. After verifying that the changes are good, we'll have to devise a way to turn the experiment-specific features in generic ones, and at that time we'll ask for the integration of an improved version. But that's for the future.
Today, we would like a special LArSoft release (tagged either @SBND@, e.g. @v06_70_01_SBND@, or with a revision version, e.g. @v06_70_01_00@) including:
* the complete LArSoft suite from @develop@ (or from @v06_70_01@ if @develop@ is unpractical)
* except the repositories %{color: crimson}@larsim@% and %{color: crimson}@larana@%, which will be taken from the published branches %{color: forestgreen}@feature/sbnd_Workshop201803integration@%

Please let us know how to proceed.

It took very long to us to "validate" the "validate"the code, and the result is that we are in an incredible hurry, hence the ridiculously high priority.