Feature #18769

Updated by Kyle Knoepfel almost 2 years ago

While attempting some generic programming with @art::Assns@, I have faced a few inconsistencies in the iterator interface:


the iterator is called @assn_iterator@ in simple @art::Assns@, @const_iterator@ in the ones with metadata
# * there is no type @data_t@ type in @art::Assns@ with no metadata; while it is an understandable choice, having set it to @void@ would have been easier to deal with
# * the @art::AssnsNode@ class does not exposes which types it contains (e.g. @first_type@, @second_type@)
# * the @art::AssnsNode@ class does not support tuple interface (@std::tuple_element@ and @std::get()@)

While I could work around each of these, I think it would be better to have them "right" in the original code. Please consider fixing any of these details.