Bug #18733

Updated by Kyle Knoepfel almost 3 years ago

A file
produced by a mixing job has events:


> count_events $FN
/pnfs/mu2e/scratch/users/rlc/ 1 1 10 0
and products:
> artProductSizes $FN
Number of entries: 10
Size Size/Entry Fraction Data Product Name
(bytes) (bytes)

805199 80519.9 0.408 mu2e::StrawDigis_makeSD__ceMixDigi.
359470 35947.0 0.182 mu2e::StepPointMCs_detectorFilter_calori

But when I run a job with a simple, stable module:

> mu2e --trace -c Print/fcl/dumpDataProducts.fcl -s $FN

it finds no events:


++ Job started
++++open input file
++++finished: open input file /pnfs/mu2e/scratch/users/rlc/
++++close output file from dump
++++finished close output file <none> from dump
++++close input file
Art has completed and will exit with status 0.

I can produce and read non-mixed files in this build.

To reproduce
source /cvmfs/
git clone
cd Offline
git checkout -b temp 72f3b6b32814
scons -j 20 >& build.log
mu2e --trace -c Print/fcl/dumpDataProducts.fcl -s $FN