Bug #15702

Updated by Gianluca Petrillo about 3 years ago


I'm generating Ar39 and proton decay using two generators as

generator2: @local::standard_ndk
generator: @local::dunefd_1x2x6_ar39

I have ran all stages from gen to reco without any problem using @v06_24_00@, v06_24_00, however when I’m looking at @recob::OpHit@, recob::OpHit, all @recob::OpHit@ recob::OpHit come from the electron (beta decay of 39Ar), there wasn’t any OpHit generated by the kaon neither by the muon from the kaon decay or positron from the muon decay. In order to identify the particle that generated the OpHit I'm doing the following
<pre><code class="cpp">

art::ServiceHandle<cheat::PhotonBackTracker> Photon_bt;
std::vector<sim::TrackSDP> trkSDPs = Photon_bt->OpHitToEveSDPs(op_hit);
if( trkSDPs.size() != 0 ){
for(const sim::TrackSDP trkSDP : trkSDPs){
if( trkSDP.trackID != 0){//Why ??
const simb::MCParticle* particle = Photon_bt->TrackIDToParticle(trkSDP.trackID);
cout<<particle->PdgCode()<<" "<<particle->TrackId()<<" "<<particle->Mother()<<endl;

You can find an example file at @/dune/data/users/higuera/Ar39andNDK_wBUG/@ /dune/data/users/higuera/Ar39andNDK_wBUG/

However if I switch the order for the generators as

generator: @local::standard_ndk
generator2: @local::dunefd_1x2x6_ar39

and do exactly the same, I can see OpHits that are generated by electron (Ar39 betas), kaon, muon and positron.
you can find a produced files at @/pnfs/dune/scratch/users/higuera/v06_24_00/@ /pnfs/dune/scratch/users/higuera/v06_24_00/

Aaron Higuera