Feature #15020

Updated by Vito Di Benedetto over 3 years ago

Depending on the CI phase it can be desirable to have a different sort criteria for the items showed by each CI phase.

We can define a flag/parameter flag in the CI DB to be associated at each CI phase.
The value of this flag will define the sort criteria to be used.
The default sorting criteria will be to sort items according to their status (this is the actual sort criteria used)

This flag/parameter flag could be an integer with name is "sort_criteria"

and its The value is a string that is used as key work to define 1 will be the sort criteria.

The sort criteria we identified up to now, with the associate key word, are:
key word; description:
status: sort
default sorting (i.e. sorting by status severity (failure, warning, successful)
id: sort by ID in the DB
alphabetic: sort by value 2 will be alphabetic order

The default sort criteria, if missing, is "status"

As needed, more sort criteria values can be added with the corresponding key word. sort criteria.