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Updated by Katherine Lato almost 4 years ago

Ideas for the summer workshop were solicited at the November Offline Leads meeting.
Topic ideas? How long? What type of presentations/topics/workshops? Who should lead parts?

DUNE likes the material that comes from it, uses it year-long.
The workshop part gives more opportunity to give feedback.
So, having a combination of presentations and workshops may be useful.

Theme – ideas.
# Debugging tools to use with LArSoft.
# SPACK and Build issues. Developing LArSoft. Since we’re changing the build tools that system anyway, this might be the time to go with it. (Half-day, we think.)
# Working session (maybe a half day)
bare cmake. Tutorial on how experiments might contribute on things that have broad application or impact across cmake and other build tools unless they’re in the community, but that are not typically or easily pursued by any single experiment. This may be a big thing that needs lots middle of people, or it could be smaller but the core project can’t develop it, so experiments need to contribute.
# Concurrency - both multi-threading and vectorization
being changed.