Bug #7375

Updated by Christopher Green over 6 years ago

I would like to open a discussion about the use of the -s series of qualifiers. The page that documents the qualifiers says that:

states that s5 matches an v1_12_xx release. I believe that this scheme will often work but it will not work in for the general case.

Here is an example of the general case. Suppose that I want to release a new version of the art workbook while Mu2e is at art v1_12_04 and the other experiments are at art v1_12_02. Under the present scheme there is no clean way to this. I must do one of:
# #. make two versions of the art workbook that differ only in the art version against which they are built
# #. I can invent my own qualifier that means art v1_12_04

Neither is appealing. So I believe that we need to define a new s series qualifier for every version of art that is actually released.