Feature #4679

Updated by Christopher Green over 7 years ago

This issue is related to issue #4661. 4661. @FileCatalogOptionsHandler@ FileCatalogOptionsHandler has some more problematic features. If you specify command line options @--sam-web-uri@ --sam-web-uri and @--sam-process-id@, --sam-process-id, then @FileCatalogOptionsHandler@ FileCatalogOptionsHandler inappropriately insists that you specify sam output options used by service @FileCatalogMetadata@ FileCatalogMetadata and module @RootOutput@. RootOutput. Here is a typical error:<pre>OptionsHandler error:

caught a cet::exception calling art::FileCatalogOptionsHandler::doProcessOptions()
---- Configuration BEGIN
SAM metadata information is required -- missing metadata:
---- Configuration END</pre>It END

complains even if there is no reason to include these command line options. It complains complaines even if your you job file does not include either FileCatalogMetadata or RootOutput (i.e., if you have an analysis job that only makes histograms; above output came from such a job).

In any case, I don't think @IFCatalogInterface@ IFCatalogInterface and @IFFileTransfer@ IFFileTransfer should care how you configure @FileCatalogMetadata@ FileCatalogMetadata or @RootOutput@. RootOutput. Maybe you aren't planning on storing your output files in sam, or maybe you are generating your own metadata without using @FileCatalogMetadata@ FileCatalogMetadata and @RootOutput@. RootOutput.