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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
23168 artdaq Utilities Bug New Normal exception thrown when attempting to save the run record 08/23/2019 09:28 PM
23167 cet-is Support New Normal match art/root behavior to dCache 08/23/2019 04:57 PM
23166 glideinWMS Support New Normal Apply the TODOs from #22470 related to "with statement" compatibility Lorena Lobato Pardavila 08/23/2019 04:38 PM
23165 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Bug New Normal Relaunch button woes Marc Mengel 08/23/2019 04:29 PM
23162 Engineering Task Request Feature Assigned Normal Create infrastructure and front-end for Engineering Task Request form. Josh Juneau 08/23/2019 12:08 PM
23159 LArSoft Support New Normal Cannot get hit handle 08/22/2019 04:35 PM
23158 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Feature New Normal POMS Client API to update test parameter override for a campaign stage Vladimir Podstavkov 08/22/2019 03:35 PM
23156 glideinWMS Feature Resolved Normal Add editorconfig and default encoding Marco Mambelli 08/21/2019 07:14 PM
23155 IF Data Handling Client Tools (ifdhc) Feature Resolved Normal Move dcache door lookups to https:/ Marc Mengel 08/21/2019 03:50 PM
23154 IF Data Handling Client Tools (ifdhc) Feature Resolved Normal Get rid of swig for interface generation Marc Mengel 08/21/2019 03:45 PM
23153 CAMAC Support Assigned Normal Write DABBEL template for 473 devices Richard Neswold 08/21/2019 11:18 AM
23152 CAMAC Support Assigned Normal Move MI-20 devices on MI4 to MI2 Richard Neswold 08/21/2019 10:02 AM
23151 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Add an editorconfig file Marco Mambelli 08/20/2019 05:39 PM
23150 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Bug Resolved Normal POMS dev instance: campaign job submission fails Marc Mengel 08/20/2019 04:58 PM
23149 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Bug Resolved Normal I'm unable to remove POMS Campaign on dev instance Marc Mengel 08/20/2019 04:23 PM
23147 artdaq Utilities Bug New Normal doesn't care what node localhost refers to John Freeman 08/20/2019 09:56 AM
23146 artdaq Utilities Feature Resolved Normal DAQInterface could provide on-demand information about individual artdaq process statuses John Freeman 08/22/2019 02:24 PM
23144 glideinWMS Idea New Normal Start introducing Python type annotation Marco Mambelli 08/20/2019 09:16 AM
23143 project-py Feature New Normal Three-step submission Yuyi Guo 08/19/2019 04:59 PM
23142 project-py Feature Assigned Normal for inputlist XML tag, check if files are declared beside create a SAM definition Vito Di Benedetto 08/19/2019 03:41 PM
23140 Engineering Task Request Milestone Accepted Normal Create initial testing form for PD-0 form Josh Juneau 08/23/2019 12:08 PM
23137 artdaq Utilities Bug Resolved Normal DAQInterface should take advantage of the new valid/invalid configuration concept in artdaq_database John Freeman 08/16/2019 05:12 PM
23136 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Add an attribute to save the logging channel content in the Glidein stderr Leonardo Lai 08/16/2019 10:41 AM
23135 glideinWMS Support New Normal Update gitattributes to resolve conflicts w/ checksum files Marco Mambelli 08/16/2019 10:01 AM
23131 artdaq Feature New Normal Add reporting of fragment IDs for missing fragments to the FragmentWatcher module Kurt Biery 08/15/2019 12:27 PM
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