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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
22965 ups Bug New Normal ups parent doesn't seem to work 07/20/2019 12:45 AM
22962 glideinWMS Bug New High Debug options causing Singularity invocation to fail Marco Mambelli 07/19/2019 01:43 AM
22961 JobSub Bug New Normal admin cron jobs parsing config file incorrectly Dennis Box 07/18/2019 05:53 PM
22960 Continuous Integration (CI) Feature Assigned Normal Override unit test template Vladimir Podstavkov 07/18/2019 05:03 PM
22959 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Feature New Normal POMS API to update parameter override for a campaign stage Vladimir Podstavkov 07/18/2019 04:41 PM
22958 artdaq Utilities Feature Resolved Normal add buildinfo to artdaq-utilities John Freeman 07/19/2019 05:29 PM
22957 artdaq Utilities Bug New Normal Message Facility host 07/17/2019 07:02 PM
22956 artdaq Feature New Normal Welcome message and output compilation date and time to trace and the message facility 07/17/2019 06:36 PM
22955 dunetpc Bug New Normal ProtoDUNE active volume on the cryostat side 07/17/2019 03:51 PM
22954 glideinWMS Feature Feedback Normal Enable usage of custom pilots Dennis Box 07/18/2019 10:07 AM
22953 glideinWMS Feature Feedback Normal Simplify usage of manual_glidein_submit Dennis Box 07/17/2019 11:00 AM
22952 glideinWMS Support Resolved Normal Document usage of ignore_down_entries Marco Mascheroni 07/18/2019 10:43 AM
22949 Off-the-Shelf DAQ Support New Normal Support artdaq Dispatcher and Online Monitor 07/15/2019 04:46 PM
22948 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Normal Project finalization 07/15/2019 04:23 PM
22947 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Normal Project extension exploration, part 1 07/15/2019 04:22 PM
22946 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Demonstrate dynamic loading of weights without re-flashing the FPGA? 07/15/2019 04:21 PM
22945 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Demonstrate training based on data collection with the RL agent and automated re-flashes of the FPGA 07/15/2019 04:20 PM
22944 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Demonstrate training based on data collection with the RL agent using manual re-flashes of the FPGA 07/15/2019 04:20 PM
22943 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Training mechanism validation 07/15/2019 04:20 PM
22942 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Normal Historical agent 07/15/2019 04:19 PM
22941 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Edit code in Jekyll to align with previously discussed website organization Kiana Mohammadian 07/15/2019 08:04 AM
22940 glideinWMS Feature Work in progress Normal Transfer current website into Jekyll Kiana Mohammadian 07/15/2019 08:05 AM
22939 glideinWMS Feature Feedback Normal Download and install Jekyll Kiana Mohammadian 07/15/2019 08:00 AM
22938 artdaq Feature New Normal add metric_name to metric ctor to aid debugging with TRACE 07/13/2019 05:02 PM
22937 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Finalize long-term storage estimates and required storage horizons 07/12/2019 03:20 PM
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