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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
22453 LArSoft Feature New Normal Exception when loading unknown terms from the PhysicsList. 04/25/2019 09:47 PM
22452 LArSoft Idea New Normal Tons of messages for background simulations. 04/25/2019 09:10 PM
22451 artdaq Bug New Normal DataSenderManager eliminates entry in routing_table_ after sending just one fragment 04/25/2019 05:12 PM
22450 Framework Build Instructions Support New Normal Pathcing Tensorflow v1.12 UPS product 04/25/2019 02:26 PM
22446 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature New Normal Add various health checks 04/24/2019 03:33 PM
22445 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature New Normal Add profiles and the capability to create and edit profiles 04/24/2019 03:32 PM
22444 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Milestone New Normal Plug and Play 04/24/2019 03:31 PM
22443 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature New Normal Add more visible graphics to the various transitions Esteban Cristaldo 04/24/2019 03:29 PM
22442 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature New Normal Make GUI communication more robust with DAQInterface. (not using the shell scripts, maybe use xmlrpc) Esteban Cristaldo 04/24/2019 03:28 PM
22441 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Task New Normal Add port and partition variables, more in line with the DAQInterface alias Iker Loïc de Icaza Astiz 04/24/2019 03:28 PM
22440 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature New Normal Enable attach/detach capabilities Iker Loïc de Icaza Astiz 04/24/2019 03:26 PM
22439 art Necessary Maintenance Accepted Normal Decouple configuration-pruning and path manager tests 04/24/2019 09:47 AM
22438 glideinWMS Support Work in progress Normal Simplification and reduction of the code related to how directories are being managed Lorena Lobato Pardavila 04/24/2019 09:15 AM
22437 glideinWMS Support New Normal Use absolute imports: from future import absolute_import to maintain consistency Marco Mascheroni 04/24/2019 11:21 AM
22433 JobSub Necessary Maintenance New Normal replace pycurl with request library in client Dennis Box 04/23/2019 09:53 AM
22431 LArSoft Bug New Normal Inconsistent location of wire plane reported by TPCGeo 04/22/2019 05:03 PM
22430 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Bug New High Crash when others are running Iker Loïc de Icaza Astiz 04/22/2019 04:57 PM
22429 artdaq Bug New Normal CommandableFragmentGenerator::ReportCmd should report number of generated Fragments 04/22/2019 01:43 PM
22428 JobSub Bug Resolved Normal setup curl dependency in jobsub_client ups file Dennis Box 04/23/2019 02:03 PM
22427 art Support Resolved Normal new mu distribution with art_v3_02_04 Lynn Garren 04/24/2019 11:52 AM
22423 lar_ci Bug New Normal Option --scan-revisions did not work so well 04/19/2019 07:44 PM
22422 artdaq Utilities Support New Normal Migrate artdaq_database to MongoDB v4.0.8 Gennadiy Lukhanin 04/19/2019 04:46 PM
22421 dunetpc Bug New Normal Junk signal at the beginning of simulated raw waveform 04/19/2019 04:30 PM
22420 LArSoft Bug Feedback Normal xerces_c build failure on OSX (debug) with larsoft v08_16_00 04/22/2019 10:32 AM
22418 Booster LLRF Task New Normal Build feedback test circuit Ed Cullerton 04/19/2019 01:33 PM
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