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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
23515 LArSoft Support Resolved Normal larbase release candidate for art 3.03 Lynn Garren 11/04/2019 04:04 PM
23520 LArSoft Support Resolved Normal larsim for art 3.03 Kyle Knoepfel 11/04/2019 03:53 PM
23523 artdaq database Feature New Normal Optimize Database Performance Gennadiy Lukhanin 11/04/2019 03:05 PM
23510 dunetpc Bug Assigned Normal Dataprep segfaults on long time windows David Adams 11/04/2019 02:01 PM
23512 LArSoft Support Resolved Normal artg4tk with art 3.03 Kyle Knoepfel 11/04/2019 01:08 PM
23317 art Bug Accepted Normal TriggerResults path ordering 11/04/2019 10:43 AM
22159 artdaq Support Reviewed Normal Determine why artdaqDriver performance suffers with many shared memory buffers Eric Flumerfelt 11/04/2019 09:26 AM
23505 artdaq Feature Resolved Normal In-place allocation of ContainerFragment subfragments Eric Flumerfelt 11/02/2019 01:26 PM
23497 GlideinWMS Feature Resolved Normal Add canonical links to web pages to help Google search Marco Mambelli 11/02/2019 11:45 AM
20900 GlideinWMS Feature Resolved Normal Code improvement in CPU evaluation/detection Marco Mambelli 11/02/2019 11:45 AM
9639 GlideinWMS Bug Resolved Normal Glidein startup aborting fast for apparently no reason (in reality conor_master is timing out a name resolution) Marco Mambelli 11/02/2019 11:45 AM
20861 GlideinWMS Bug Feedback Normal Error message related to entry in the Factory logs Marco Mascheroni 11/01/2019 06:05 PM
21832 GlideinWMS Bug New Urgent PicklingError: Can't pickle <type 'Boost.Python.enum'>: import of module Boost.Python failed Marco Mascheroni 11/01/2019 06:04 PM
22245 GlideinWMS Bug New High Incompatibility with schedd 8.8.1 and frontend at 8.6 Marco Mascheroni 11/01/2019 06:03 PM
23201 GlideinWMS Bug Resolved Normal Improve diagnostic messages when rsa.key file is corrupted Marco Mascheroni 11/01/2019 06:01 PM
2531 GlideinWMS Feature Assigned Normal Monitoring for frontend: store the number of Job restarts Dennis Box 11/01/2019 03:47 PM
22413 GlideinWMS Support New Normal Possible wrong SEC_DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS line in the condor config for the frontend Dennis Box 11/01/2019 03:46 PM
18855 GlideinWMS Feature New Normal Add unit test for lib/ Dennis Box 11/01/2019 03:46 PM
22579 GlideinWMS Feature Resolved Urgent Support https URLs Lorena Lobato Pardavila 11/01/2019 02:06 PM
23425 SBND code Necessary Maintenance New Normal Update SBND Detector Geometry wiki page Marina Guzzo 11/01/2019 12:35 PM
23501 V474 - Quad Power Supply controller (A24) Support Assigned Normal Install 4 more V474 cards in MC1HRM Richard Neswold 10/31/2019 02:43 PM
22861 artdaq Utilities Feature Work in progress Normal Make artdaq_database python3.7.x compatible Gennadiy Lukhanin 10/31/2019 02:22 PM
23489 artdaq Utilities Bug Resolved Normal findGlobalConfigurations throws a runtime_error exception while accessing the mongodb backend Gennadiy Lukhanin 10/31/2019 01:36 PM
23416 artdaq Support Resolved Normal Update metric usage in artdaq Eric Flumerfelt 10/31/2019 12:46 PM
23399 JobSub Bug Feedback Normal jobsub_client shouldn't care about date format when checking validity of kerberos tickets 10/31/2019 10:57 AM
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