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8815 ANNIE1-electronics-design Task New Final Decision on MRD and veto electronics Matthew Wetstein 04/06/2016 11:08 PM
8807 ANNIE1-electronics-design Task Closed Get FADCs from UChicago Matthew Wetstein 10/06/2015 01:45 PM
8804 ANNIE1-electronics-design Task Closed Follow up with PREP on LeCroy 1440s Matthew Wetstein 10/09/2015 01:05 PM
  ANNIE1-MCstudies 4 Collapse all/Expand all
8628 ANNIE1-MCstudies Bug New Optimization of acrylic volume Matthew Wetstein 05/06/2015 09:43 AM
8627 ANNIE1-MCstudies Task New SciBooNE driven calculation of skyshine rates Matthew Wetstein 06/04/2015 10:33 AM
8625 ANNIE1-MCstudies Task New Full MC model with 3D PMTs to study neutron tagging efficiencies Matthew Wetstein 01/25/2018 07:24 AM
8623 ANNIE1-MCstudies Task New Geant-based estimate of beam neutron rates and energies Matthew Wetstein 01/25/2018 07:22 AM
  ANNIE1-mechanical-design 7 Collapse all/Expand all
8855 ANNIE1-mechanical-design Milestone New Design of veto structure Matthew Wetstein 08/05/2015 11:55 PM
11092 ANNIE1-mechanical-design Task New Finish design of PMT holders Matthew Wetstein 01/22/2016 08:51 AM
11076 ANNIE1-mechanical-design Task New Final decision on liner specs and estimate Matthew Wetstein 01/12/2016 02:33 AM
8854 ANNIE1-mechanical-design Task New Ship the muon veto structure Matthew Wetstein 08/05/2015 11:47 PM
8853 ANNIE1-mechanical-design Task New Water system shipped to FNAL for storage Matthew Wetstein 12/06/2015 10:24 AM
8573 ANNIE1-mechanical-design Task New Approval to purchase tank, from IA State Purchasing Matthew Wetstein 05/27/2015 07:54 AM
8572 ANNIE1-mechanical-design Task New Fermilab approval for tank purchase Matthew Wetstein 06/09/2015 02:01 AM
  ANNIE1-MRD-design 4 Collapse all/Expand all
8618 ANNIE1-MRD-design Task New Sign over stewardship of the MRD steel Matthew Wetstein 06/05/2015 06:39 AM
8617 ANNIE1-MRD-design Task New Follow up with NMSU about keeping the MRD Scintillator Matthew Wetstein 12/18/2015 09:22 AM
8616 ANNIE1-MRD-design Task New Follow up on Fermilab PMTs/Scintillator Matthew Wetstein 06/09/2015 02:02 AM
8615 ANNIE1-MRD-design Task New Arrange to get the Kansas/Syracuse PMTs and scintillator Matthew Wetstein 06/05/2015 06:42 AM
  ANNIE1-Planning 4 Collapse all/Expand all
8630 ANNIE1-Planning Meeting New ANNIE Run 1 Electronics Review Matthew Wetstein 05/06/2015 09:47 AM
8629 ANNIE1-Planning Meeting New Run 1 Mechanical Review Matthew Wetstein 01/22/2016 08:51 AM
8638 ANNIE1-Planning Milestone New Complete TSW for ANNIE experiment Matthew Wetstein 12/16/2015 11:56 PM
8575 ANNIE1-Planning Task New Contact Stephen Geer about June PAC meeting Matthew Wetstein 05/21/2015 10:07 AM
  ANNIE1-Staging 6 Collapse all/Expand all
11091 ANNIE1-Staging Milestone New Prototype PMT holder Matthew Wetstein 04/06/2016 11:10 PM
11077 ANNIE1-Staging Milestone New Liner: collab buy-in, place order Matthew Wetstein 01/12/2016 02:32 AM
8571 ANNIE1-Staging Milestone New Tank Manufacture Matthew Wetstein 12/06/2015 11:38 AM
11100 ANNIE1-Staging Task New Cables for Forward Veto Matthew Wetstein 04/06/2016 11:09 PM
8634 ANNIE1-Staging Task New Order materials for PMT structure Matthew Wetstein 04/06/2016 11:09 PM
8633 ANNIE1-Staging Task New MRD + veto system testing Matthew Wetstein 04/06/2016 11:09 PM
  ANNIE1-veto-installation 1 Collapse all/Expand all
8856 ANNIE1-veto-installation Milestone New Installation of Veto structure Matthew Wetstein 12/06/2015 10:42 AM
  ANNIE2-Assembly 3 Collapse all/Expand all
18930 ANNIE2-Assembly Task New In situ calibration of MRD layers Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:07 AM
18929 ANNIE2-Assembly Task New Functional test of new MRD layers Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:07 AM
18928 ANNIE2-Assembly Task New Finish MRD Refurbishment Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:06 AM
  ANNIE2-electronics-design 6 Collapse all/Expand all
17916 ANNIE2-electronics-design Bug New readACDC after setConfig is all 0 Miles Lucas 10/31/2017 10:09 AM
18936 ANNIE2-electronics-design Milestone New Power distribution plan Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:16 AM
18935 ANNIE2-electronics-design Milestone New Rack protection plan Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:16 AM
18934 ANNIE2-electronics-design Milestone New Final crate and rack maps Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:15 AM
18938 ANNIE2-electronics-design Task New Design for separate ACDC voltage regulator board Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:43 AM
18937 ANNIE2-electronics-design Task New Design the backboard for the LAPPD with ACDC connectors Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:31 AM
  ANNIE2-electronics-readiness 3 Collapse all/Expand all
18933 ANNIE2-electronics-readiness Task New Firmware upgrades for KOTO boards (2 different trigger schemes) Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:13 AM
18932 ANNIE2-electronics-readiness Task New Ethernet interface for ACC Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:13 AM
18931 ANNIE2-electronics-readiness Task New Finish new ACDC-ACC interface firmware Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:12 AM
  ANNIE2-mechanical-design 17 Collapse all/Expand all
18559 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Bug New Holders and Mount Concepts for new 10" PMTs Matthew Wetstein 01/25/2018 07:57 AM
18558 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Bug New How to mount the LUX PMTs on the bottom Matthew Wetstein 01/25/2018 07:50 AM
18557 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Bug New How to mount the WATCHMAN PMTs Matthew Wetstein 12/14/2017 01:09 PM
18941 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Milestone New Final Review of the Tank Lid design Matthew Wetstein 02/09/2018 09:48 AM
18939 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Milestone New Identify new tank liner Matthew Wetstein 06/13/2018 01:30 AM
18572 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Cleanliness and handling strategy Emrah Tiras 06/12/2018 09:20 AM
18571 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Finalize design and layout of water system Matthew Wetstein 01/25/2018 07:40 AM
18570 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Finalize experimental layout in the hall Matthew Wetstein 12/14/2017 01:39 PM
18569 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Revise Specification Doc. Emrah Tiras 06/12/2018 09:18 AM
18568 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Finalize design of transparency calibration system Matthew Wetstein 12/14/2017 01:34 PM
18567 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Finalize design of source calibration system Matthew Wetstein 12/14/2017 01:33 PM
18566 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Finalize design of timing calibration system Matthew Wetstein 01/25/2018 07:39 AM
18565 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Final layout of new LAPPD housing Matthew Wetstein 06/12/2018 09:19 AM
18564 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Separate voltage regulators from ACDCs to separate board Matthew Wetstein 06/12/2018 09:20 AM
18562 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Draft LAPPD mounting board design Matthew Wetstein 06/12/2018 09:19 AM
18560 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Figure out how to optically isolate the inner volume Matthew Wetstein 12/14/2017 01:14 PM
18556 ANNIE2-mechanical-design Task New Design of the new tank lid Matthew Wetstein 01/25/2018 07:34 AM
  art 242 Collapse all/Expand all
21964 art Bug Accepted Misleading output in case of exceptions Giuseppe Cerati 02/25/2019 10:25 AM
19890 art Bug Closed art requires dictionary for non-persistent product Raymond Culbertson 01/31/2019 02:06 PM
18305 art Bug Remission TimeTracker database output option sometimes causes exception David Brown 12/06/2017 10:00 AM
16678 art Bug Closed segfault running FileDumperOutput on older file with missing dictionaries. Christopher Green 10/18/2017 01:47 PM
16249 art Bug Accepted building art on minsky.fnal.gv Lynn Garren 04/26/2017 11:34 AM
16042 art Bug Closed exception in art v2 Pavel Murat 04/26/2017 11:21 AM
15665 art Bug Closed gPad->WaitForPrimitive does not work in v6_08_04c Rob Kutschke 02/28/2017 01:17 PM
14294 art Bug Rejected ‘boost::filesystem::path’ has no member named ‘native’ when trying to build novasoft with art2/root6 Christopher Backhouse 10/31/2016 11:30 AM
13833 art Bug Rejected artmod still produces #include "art/Utilities/InputTag.h" Tingjun Yang 09/13/2016 03:49 PM
13692 art Bug Closed Web page for gallery v1_03_06 download has an error Marc Paterno 08/26/2016 09:51 AM
13675 art Bug Accepted messagefacility sqlite plugin test sporadic failure on OSX Marc Paterno 08/29/2016 11:35 AM
13274 art Bug Accepted Some dead links in art wiki: ROOT schema evolution Gianluca Petrillo 07/18/2016 11:24 AM
12857 art Bug Remission Build-time dictionary checking has dangerous false positives Christopher Green 06/06/2016 11:40 AM
12391 art Bug Rejected PtrVectorBase member data could undergo narrowing conversion when reading a linux-produced data file on a Mac. Christopher Green 04/25/2016 11:34 AM
12322 art Bug Closed Invalid canonical fcl output Herbert Greenlee 05/24/2016 09:54 AM
11634 art Bug Remission Unexpected message from ROOT Rob Kutschke 02/08/2016 11:21 AM
10833 art Bug Accepted Incorrect framing of information about an exception thrown in the beginRun callback of an art::Service Rob Kutschke 04/23/2018 10:51 AM
10627 art Bug Closed Output module template art::ProvenanceDumper now forces the detail class to do parameter set validation Rob Kutschke 12/23/2015 08:55 AM
10544 art Bug Closed Unexpected error when trying to run MCShower maker Jonathan Asaadi 12/17/2015 01:42 PM
10491 art Bug Closed memory spike at the end of a job Andrei Gaponenko 12/17/2015 01:33 PM
10386 art Bug Rejected Tentative bug report: Using cetbuildtools v4_12_6 , cmake stage fails.. Paul Lebrun 10/05/2015 10:03 AM
10140 art Bug Rejected Failure to specify option argument can lead to overwritten input files Kyle Knoepfel 09/14/2015 12:06 PM
9822 art Bug Accepted Misleading diagnostics by art framework Pavel Murat 08/17/2015 12:11 PM
7526 art Bug Feedback Follow up on Parameter Set bloat Rob Kutschke 10/23/2017 12:12 PM
7375 art Bug Closed The qualifier s5 should not mean art v1_12_* it should mean a single version of art Rob Kutschke 02/16/2015 11:21 AM
7351 art Bug Closed root gui bug in v1_12_00 Herbert Greenlee 10/23/2017 12:12 PM
6700 art Bug Closed ifdh_fetch to /nova/app does not work in ifdh_art v1_4_3 Kanika Sachdev 07/28/2014 06:45 PM
6344 art Bug Closed Filter out output of some art services Gianluca Petrillo 02/16/2015 10:32 AM
6094 art Bug Rejected Fcl expansion doesn't handle absolute path includes. Herbert Greenlee 05/01/2014 10:42 AM
5167 art Bug Rejected Data product sizes reported by FileDumperOutput Rob Kutschke 01/13/2014 12:10 PM
3756 art Bug Closed Make.config in GENIE v3665c William Seligman 04/23/2013 05:51 PM
3647 art Bug Closed artmod created Module missing needed #include Event.h Jan Zirnstein 04/23/2013 10:07 AM
3571 art Bug Accepted Message logger configuration Rob Kutschke 10/23/2017 12:12 PM
3553 art Bug Closed dlopen: cannot load any more object with static TLS Andrei Gaponenko 10/03/2013 03:15 PM
3321 art Bug Rejected Services do not call preBeginRun, endJob etc... Denis Perevalov 01/18/2013 11:09 AM
3134 art Bug Rejected Non-informative exception thrown if FHICL parameter isn't found in a Service constructor Adam Lyon 08/06/2013 02:59 PM
3119 art Bug Closed Version 1.02.05 (and develop) have a circular dependency. Christopher Green 08/09/2013 11:34 AM
2992 art Bug Closed "-n -1" no longer means "unlimited" on the command line Christopher Backhouse 01/11/2013 11:10 AM
2947 art Bug Rejected Fhicl allows creation of new parameters in the configuration in the job file Denis Perevalov 09/21/2012 11:24 AM
1343 art Bug Closed Configuring the message logger Rob Kutschke 06/16/2011 01:57 PM
1057 art Bug Rejected Specifying maximum output file size does not work Brian Rebel 07/25/2013 12:13 PM
1043 art Bug Accepted art::getFileFormatVersion and art::getFileFormatEra should be renamed Marc Paterno 10/23/2017 12:12 PM
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