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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
22941 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Edit code in Jekyll to align with previously discussed website organization Kiana Mohammadian 07/15/2019 08:04 AM
22940 glideinWMS Feature Work in progress Normal Transfer current website into Jekyll Kiana Mohammadian 07/15/2019 08:05 AM
22939 glideinWMS Feature Feedback Normal Download and install Jekyll Kiana Mohammadian 07/15/2019 08:00 AM
22938 artdaq Feature New Normal add metric_name to metric ctor to aid debugging with TRACE 07/13/2019 05:02 PM
22937 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Finalize long-term storage estimates and required storage horizons 07/12/2019 03:20 PM
22936 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Finalize list of required devices and catalogers 07/12/2019 03:19 PM
22935 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Data products, part 3 07/12/2019 03:19 PM
22934 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Implement agent based on training to the current system with historical data on a PC (board?) in the hall that can communicate with the real GMPS 07/12/2019 03:18 PM
22933 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Investigate deployment to PC for "slow" inference and training 07/12/2019 03:17 PM
22932 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Normal Algorithm development, part 2 07/12/2019 03:18 PM
22929 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Bug New Normal Workflow Support for jobs whose output is (great-)grandkids of input Marc Mengel 07/12/2019 10:01 AM
22928 glideinWMS Support New Normal Fermilab Frontend not communicating w/ upgraded Factory Marco Mambelli 07/22/2019 08:29 AM
22927 NuTools Bug New Normal Atmospheric neutrino energy distribution for high energy range looks wrong 07/11/2019 07:40 PM
22926 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Changing Outdated Links 07/11/2019 05:51 PM
22925 artdaq Feature New Normal configure separate stdout/err (console) log files 07/11/2019 04:11 PM
22924 artdaq Utilities Support Reviewed Normal DAQInterface bookkeeping should only include one copy of the host_map in destinations, as well as sources John Freeman 07/17/2019 05:51 PM
22923 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Establish a safe and ORC-allowed work area with a PC for slow interface with the current control system. 07/11/2019 01:42 PM
22922 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Normal Hall work part 1 07/11/2019 01:42 PM
22921 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Refine long-term storage estimates 07/11/2019 01:40 PM
22920 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Normal Refine list of required devices and catalogers 07/11/2019 01:39 PM
22919 project-py Feature Accepted Normal Get POMS submission error message into command line tool Yuyi Guo 07/11/2019 01:39 PM
22918 AI-for-Accelerators Feature New Normal Data products, part 2 07/11/2019 01:40 PM
22917 project-py Feature Accepted Normal Add parameters to Pre-stage so one can have full dataset pre-stagesed Yuyi Guo 07/11/2019 01:37 PM
22914 artdaq Demo Bug Resolved Normal WFViewer Segfaults Eric Flumerfelt 07/11/2019 09:22 AM
22912 Spack Infrastructure Milestone New Normal Migrate first experiment (Dune?) 07/10/2019 01:52 PM
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