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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
14512 VME Intensity Monitor Task Assigned Normal Support for Rich's MPS transmission loss task John Diamond 12/01/2016 03:30 PM
18085 artdaq Utilities Feature Resolved Normal Support for running multiple DAQInterfaces at the same time John Freeman 10/31/2017 03:46 PM
23716 Continuous Integration (CI) Milestone New Normal Support for Spack Vito Di Benedetto 12/05/2019 11:57 AM
20399 drvgen Feature New Normal Support for VME A24 07/23/2018 09:16 AM
22499 adinstbpm Milestone New Normal Support GigE readout Duane C. Voy 05/08/2019 02:51 PM
13520 gwms-cloud-vms Feature Feedback Normal Support glidein service for a GCE instance Marco Mambelli 08/19/2016 04:08 PM
21496 artdaq Utilities Idea Resolved Normal Support hexadecimal values in settings_example John Freeman 12/13/2018 04:49 PM
22775 SAM Web client Feature Resolved Normal Support https only 08/26/2019 02:41 PM
17626 CVMFS Support Support New Normal Support https-sourced repositories, but prevent from replicating on stratum 1 08/31/2017 10:59 AM
24396 Fermi Redmine Support New Normal Support line numbers in code blocks. 05/11/2020 03:33 PM
20665 adinstbpm Task New Normal Support multiple sets of coefficients for 2-D fits 08/22/2018 08:51 PM
11785 cet-is Necessary Maintenance Accepted Normal support needed for art 1.19 and 1.17.100 03/11/2016 02:28 PM
12632 VME Intensity Monitor Feature Resolved Normal Support new digitizer gate mode for ASTA John Diamond 05/13/2016 12:45 PM
18474 Fermi File Transfer Service Feature Resolved Normal Support plaintext graphite interface Robert Illingworth 12/05/2017 11:00 AM
15282 VME Intensity Monitor Bug New Normal Support plotting MDAT transmitter frames via ACNET Elliott McCrory 01/23/2017 04:07 PM
25341 artdaq Utilities Feature Resolved Normal Support "prepend" in boot.txt Eric Flumerfelt 12/18/2020 11:11 AM
5853 LBNERC Feature New Low Support python3 as well as python 2.x in codebase Erik Blaufuss 04/09/2014 08:56 AM
24195 Front-end Group Idea New Normal Support Python as a Light Weight FE Framework 06/23/2020 02:16 PM
22556 adinstbpm Milestone New Normal Support rack-mount server architecture 06/14/2019 02:11 PM
15894 art Feature Under Discussion Normal Support RangeSet calculation and use per-schedule and across schedules 05/18/2018 02:55 PM
19841 MOOC Framework Support New Normal Support RETDAT_INIT/RETDAT_CANCEL consistently 05/07/2018 02:04 PM
736 GlideinWMS Release Manager Feature New Normal Support running independent release tasks through command line options Parag Mhashilkar 12/21/2012 09:46 AM
22774 Fermi File Transfer Service Feature New Normal Support SAM autodest Robert Illingworth 06/19/2019 06:02 PM
16892 Electronic Collaboration Logbook Task New Normal Support shibboleth. 08/08/2017 09:36 AM
15169 art Idea Accepted Normal Support splitting data products by schema evolution 01/23/2017 11:20 AM
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