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22922 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Hall work part 1 Gabriel Perdue 07/11/2019 01:42 PM
22942 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Historical agent Gabriel Perdue 07/15/2019 04:19 PM
22934 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Implement agent based on training to the current system with historical data on a PC (board?) in the hall that can communicate with the real GMPS Gabriel Perdue 07/12/2019 03:18 PM
22933 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Investigate deployment to PC for "slow" inference and training Gabriel Perdue 07/12/2019 03:17 PM
22801 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Investigate TF-Agents, home-brew systems Gabriel Perdue 06/21/2019 11:43 AM
22947 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Project extension exploration, part 1 Gabriel Perdue 07/15/2019 04:22 PM
22948 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Project finalization Gabriel Perdue 07/15/2019 04:23 PM
22920 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Refine list of required devices and catalogers Gabriel Perdue 07/11/2019 01:39 PM
22921 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Refine long-term storage estimates Gabriel Perdue 07/11/2019 01:40 PM
22792 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Set up long-term storage mechanism for data products Gabriel Perdue 06/20/2019 04:44 PM
22839 AI-for-Accelerators Milestone New Test algorithm implementation on hardware with hls4ml Gabriel Perdue 06/28/2019 04:40 PM
22840 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Test full workflow with boards on-hand Gabriel Perdue 06/28/2019 04:38 PM
22832 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Train agent, iterating on different reinforcement learning paradigms and algorithms as needed Gabriel Perdue 06/27/2019 04:24 PM
22834 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Train agent, iterating on different reinforcement learning paradigms and algorithms as needed Gabriel Perdue 06/27/2019 04:25 PM
22943 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Training mechanism validation Gabriel Perdue 07/15/2019 04:20 PM
22841 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Understand input bandwidth requirements Gabriel Perdue 06/28/2019 04:39 PM
22844 AI-for-Accelerators Task New Understand required number of ops / computations / resources (what are the metrics and how do we decide?) Gabriel Perdue 06/28/2019 04:40 PM
  Aged Password Detector 1 Collapse all/Expand all
359 Aged Password Detector Bug New Accommodate new Password_overdue view Randy Reitz 03/15/2010 01:24 PM
  AdministrationOfCloudServices 29 Collapse all/Expand all
12124 AdministrationOfCloudServices Feature Closed Add mechanism to automatically update ami's in the various configurations Steven Timm 05/09/2018 09:34 PM
12125 AdministrationOfCloudServices Feature Closed Add version tracking and change log Steven Timm 05/09/2018 09:34 PM
14045 AdministrationOfCloudServices Task Closed Can decision engine condor_off -peaceful glideins in hot (expensive zones) Steven Timm 05/09/2018 09:18 PM
12133 AdministrationOfCloudServices Task Closed Clean crud out of step1 image (fefimage-slf6-base) Steven Timm 05/09/2018 09:30 PM
12115 AdministrationOfCloudServices Task Closed Complete testing of D. Dykstra ELB-free squid Steven Timm 05/09/2018 09:38 PM
15812 AdministrationOfCloudServices Feature Closed Develop Auto-launch to launch the squid stacks on various AWS zones when needed. Steven Timm 05/09/2018 03:11 PM
12130 AdministrationOfCloudServices Task Closed Disable auto-yum updates in AWS images Steven Timm 05/09/2018 09:31 PM
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